Did You Do Something to Your Face? How I Make My Own “BB” (Beauty Cream)

I am not what you may call an early riser.  Each morning I wake up just in  enough time to shower, do my hair and get dressed for work.  Therefore, I do not have enough time to “BEAT” my face in the morning. With that being said, I found the perfect solution for adding a little “something something” to my face.  I use my own BB cream.

BB or CC cream is basically a tinted moisturizer that can be used alone or underneath powder. In searching for the perfect BB cream, I noticed that the shades were very limited and I could never seem to find the perfect shade for me.  So after months of experimenting, I decided I would try and make my own.  I finally found a combination I love and I call it my “BC ” or blemish cream.   I basically use this cream to cover up acne scars and various areas on my face.  The purpose of this cream is not to look made up, but to have more of a natural look.  Hence the title of this post: Did You Do Something to Your Face?  Often, when I wear my BC cream, I’m always asked if I’m wearing makeup or if I did something different to my face, or  I hear “your face looks different.”  The look I get is so natural, its hard at times to tell if my skin is just flawless or if I’m wearing make up.  So, if your not a morning person or lack the skills of  a makeup guru (totally me), checkout my recipe below and feel free to ask any questions you may have; keeping in mind this combination is what works for me. Pinterest has various recipes that you can experiment with.

Ingredients and supplies needed:

(1)    Plastic container with lid

(1)    Spoon (to mix)

(1/2 Tsp.) Liquid foundation (I use Makeup Forever)

(1/2 Tsp.) Moisturizer of your choice with or w/o SPF  (I use Simple Moisturizer with “one” pump of CeraVe moisturizer just for the SPF)

(1/4 Tsp.) Primer (Prime Time by bare minerals)


Measure and mix well all ingredients into the plastic container and it should look like the picture below with a slightly thick consistency.


How I use this cream:


In the mornings I do my normal facial routine.  For me, applying my moisturizer is normally the last step before I apply my blemish cream.  However, because my blemish cream has my moisturizer in it, I normally skip this step. So after using my facial toner,  I apply a little primer to minimize the pores on my face (by Smashbox). Next  I use a brush to apply my cream. I lightly dab my brush in the cream and dot it over my entire face just one time and then blend it; this is a very thin layer. Once blended, I set my face with a little powder (I use a dime size or the equivalent to the tip of my pinky finger of my Bare Minerals).  Last, I spray my face with a setting spray (Urban Decay de-slick) and I’m done.  This process takes me 5 minutes.  As you can see, I am not a loyalist to any brand.  I mix and match as I use what works best for me.



How did I choose my products? Researching Pinterest and through trial and error. Most importantly I use the products that work best for me and my skin type. 

To moisturize or not to moisturize?  When summer comes, I will use moisturizer with SPF or add SPF to my Blemish cream to protect my face from the sun (temperatures get well above 110 degrees were I live) .  Whether I moisturize my face prior to using my blemish cream also depends on how much coverage I need and whether my face needs extra moisturizing. For instance,  if I need full coverage, I wont moisturize prior to applying it or my face will be greasy. If I’m going through a dry spell, I will add a little moisturizer to my face (normally in t-zone area) prior to applying the cream.

How long does it last?  Approximately 8 hours especially if you set it with a setting spray.

How long will this recipe last me?  It depends on the coverage you need. With light coverage this recipe will last me 2 weeks.  Double the recipe for a months worth.

Do I need to set the cream with powder?

No, often I will use a little to moisturize my face and off I go.  No primer or powder at all.

If this post was helpful to you or you decide to try your own blemish cream please like, share, and comment.