PNINA of Wisdom, The King’s Daughter, Sharmane D Andrews

I am a Southern raised Geechie-Girl from John’s Island, South Carolina who loves to travel.  I am a Registered Nurse by profession and my nursing career has afforded me many opportunities to travel both within and outside of the United States.  In 2015, my most recent adventure brought me to the Middle East to commission and open a state of the art, world class women’s and children’s hospital in Doha, Qatar.  I would say that I am most definitely a wanderluster at heart.  I enjoy traveling internationally and learning about new cultures, people and trying new cuisines.  I am a lover of all art forms and I especially enjoy writing.  The purpose of the “PNINA of Wisdom, The King’s Daughter” is to inspire and uplift you through my writing.  I am living my life without regrets, taking the good with the bad and truly turning my “Lemons into Lemonade.” Come take this journey with me!

PNINA of Wisdom, The King’s Daughter

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