IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Another School Shooting!

The conversation at my dinner table tonight with my 2 children was surrounded around the school shooting in Santa Clarita, California. The scariest thing for me is that in reality….this could happen at any one of their schools tomorrow or ANY day. My husband and I could literally kissed them goodbye, say I love you as we do every morning and they could never come back to us after school. As a new parent, this type of news hits differently than it did before I became a mom with school age children. I’m at a lost for words because honestly I don’t know how to protect my kids from this.

What I do try to do, is teach my kids NOW about Faith, Trusting in God and Trusting in his word. I give my kids a new scripture on a note card to remember once a week. I ask them to keep it in their book bags for encouragement. When their school day gets a little rough, they can pull it out, read it and be encouraged. We discuss the scriptures (usually at dinner time) and reflect on how they can apply it to their everyday life. I then follow up with them at the end of the week in which they quote the scripture and tell me what it means to them personally.

Its important to me that they not only know the word, but also know how to apply it and draw from it when they need it. That God is always present and cares about their day, their problems, accomplishments and failures. Coming into a new family, I thought my children ( who are technically my step-children) would resist this. The total opposite has happened. They embrace it and will sometimes ask for their new scripture before I can give it to them.

As I reflect on our conversation tonight: I will continue to pray and plead the blood of Jesus over their lives. This weeks scripture will definitely be about protection and I will pin it permanently into their book bags. If any danger comes their way, not only can they call us; but they will have the full assurance that God is also with them. Folks, It’s not to soon to teach your kids about faith.

Be Encouraged!