My Year in Doha, Qatar


Me during Ramadan in an Abaya

What led me to go to Doha?

Have you ever heard the saying… “Be careful what you ask for?” Well, I like to believe my journey to Doha started years ago when I applied to Graduate School. As part of the application process, it was required that I submit an essay detailing my plans once I obtained my Advanced Degree. In that essay, I talked about my desire to practice Women’s Health throughout the world. I further described my yearn to educate and bring healing to women in other countries besides my own.  At that time, this was a dream of mine and it felt at least a hemisphere away.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was “writing the vision” and “making it plain” upon paper or that I would run with it (Habakkuk 2:2, KJV).  Flash forward to a couples of years later, the love of my life (whom spent 4 years in the Middle East himself) said 9 words to me: “Have you thought about working in the Middle East?” A seed was planted and to make a long story short, I conducted some research and applied for several nursing jobs in the Middle East. A little more than a year later, here I am in Doha!

What I learned from my year in Doha

From my experience in Doha, I’ve learned many things.  For instance, I’ve realized that small ambers really do become big fires.  Throughout my life, I’ve traveled and lived in many places within the US. Honestly, I didn’t think I would go any farther than California. Now that I’ve lived in the Middle East, I can tell you that traveling or going on vacation means something entirely different to me. I will no longer restrict my travels to the Caribbean or states within the US.  I’ve also learned that we should never rely on the television or news channels as a true representation of what the Middle East is like.  What we see on TV is so limiting. The Middle East is a place that I actually enjoy (besides the extreme heat).  It’s a slower pace of life and for the most part, I do feel like I’m on a very long vacation. When I sit back I think about how it all came together…. How I had a dream/desire; How I put that dream on paper, and how my love planted that seed that would eventually embolden me to move towards those dreams/desires, it seems as if that was all that God required to make my dreams come true even when I thought it to be impossible.

What I learned from my year in Doha is to dream…. and to dream BIG!