Sharmane Andrews

Welcome to my blog…PNINA of Wisdom, The King’s Daughter! Thank You for visiting my page.  I’m often inspired to write about the things that enlighten me as I navigate through life.  The purpose of this blog is to share my life’s journey with you.   What I call, my “PNINA” or “Pearl of Wisdom.”  My Pearl of Wisdom is simply those things that enlighten, inspire, and motivate me on a daily basis; as well as those things that can make my head spin and pull my hair out.  Life… is one big Lesson with several chapters.  Some lessons we repeat and others we master fairly quickly. No matter the circumstances, once your lesson is complete, you will find your pearl of wisdom to add to your pearl necklace of “Life.” Many would call this the “aha moment” or the “lesson learned.” Everyday, week, month and year I’m adding pearls (wisdom) to my necklace of Life and I wear them proudly.  They’re my battle scars and reminders of my past victories. Some are a little battered, others are flawed, and some are just pure perfection. Your pearls of past hurts, triumphs, failures, and victories make you who you are today.  Who are you? I am Sharmane Andrews, PNINA, the Daughter of the King.